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Did you know that more sun energy hits the Earth in one hour, than the energy we use in a whole year! That is an extraordinary amount of energy potential. However, not enough research is being done. The United States spends roughly $5 billion dollars a year on energy research, but only an estimated $188 million of that is spent on clean energies like solar and wind. Which has opened the door for China, South Korea and Japan to now lead globally with the most patents for biofuels, solar PV, solar thermal, and wind. Most European countries have triple the research budget that the United States has!

The United States also spends billions importing energy from abroad, which creates a dependence on those countries for our lively-hood. By converting to solar energy you are reducing the need for foreign energy and reducing the money that is sent abroad. Converting to solar could also reduce your energy bills by 25-75%! While you are here, might as well get a free quote to see if you  could be saving.


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